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5 Myths About Nearshoring Services in Ukraine

Lately, outsourcing is one of those strategies that is being used the most in business. More and more company owners start discovering for themselves benefits of this method. Many of them opt for building an R and D team as a powerful innovation investment. So what is outsourcing, you might ask? Originally, it means delegating a part of your company’s non-core tasks to an outer executor, be it a firm or a single contractor.

What does it all have to do with nearshoring though? Well, nearshoring services imply finding that contractor within your geographical region. Other than that, there is no difference; moreover, nearshoring is a part of outsourcing in general.

Nearshoring: Ukraine Edition

These days most companies like to outsource their work to another company, especially huge corporations like Google or Apple. Some of them are turning to offshoring, some to nearshoring, however, the latter case prevails. Usually, those companies that are located in Europe choose nearshore outsourcing to Ukraine because of the close location to Eastern European IT hubs.

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Eastern Europe is well known for its excellent specialists for nearshore software engineering services. One of the most popular countries, in this case, would be Ukraine. It has been at the top of the list of all countries, best for software development, ever since the year 2000. According to one of the latest research statistics, Ukraine made it to 11th place among all countries, along with nearshoring to Romania, that have the best programmers in the world. Another fun fact to know is that the Ukrainian government heavily supports the IT industry in the country. That is why there are so many high education institutions that prepare IT specialists in Ukraine.

This is why this country seems to be perfect for nearshore outsourcing. However, there are still some fake myths about it that need to be unveiled. In debunking the myths surrounding nearshoring services in Ukraine, it’s important to consider the advantages that this country offers, such as a growing tech sector and skilled workforce, which are often overlooked in favor of more traditional destinations outsourcing to Israel.

Software Development Outsourcing Ukraine: Ruining the Myths

Ukraine could easily be a leading country in nearshore IT services, but unfortunately, many people still have misconceptions about it. This is why in this article we will try to unveil the truth about why you should consider it as your main option in outsourcing. Let’s go!

Myth #1: Ukraine Has Mostly Self-Taught Specialists

Did you know, that Ukraine holds 4th place in the world in the number of certified IT specialists? More than just that, there are over 850 high education institutions that release hundreds of qualified IT specialists each year. This is why IT nearshore outsourcing services are in such high demand here, because of the enormous talent pool of specialists that Ukraine has to offer. Sure, there are freelance specialists in Ukraine, however, there are much more programmers with profile education than you can imagine.

Myth #2: Ukraine Is Inconvenient for Outsourcing Due to Its Location

Another fake news right here. Ukraine is located in the heart of Eastern Europe, which makes it a perfect spot for nearshore software services from any corner of Europe. Also, due to a convenient time zone (GMT+3 in summer and GMT+2 in winter), it has overlapping working hours with almost every country, even the United States. So not only it is convenient for nearshoring, Ukraine could also be used for offshoring as well.

Myth #3: You Need a Ukrainian Visa to Use Nearshoring Services

Obviously, if you choose Ukraine nearshore services, you will have to visit this country and sometimes more than once. For some people, it is highly inconvenient to go through the process of getting a visa over and over again. Luckily, you do not need any kind of visa to come to Ukraine if you are planning to stay for less than 90 days.

Myth #4: Ukrainian IT Specialists Do Not Usually Do Freelance

The software development outsourcing Ukraine can offer is mostly aimed at European countries making nearshore Ukraine services in high demand these days. Because of the difference in Ukrainian and European wages, nearly 70% of Ukrainian programmers work for European employers, be that freelance or outsourcing jobs.

Myth #5: Low Rates Equals Low Service Quality

Services of nearshoring Ukraine provides these days might be cheap, but do not let that fool you. As we already mentioned before, most Ukrainian IT specialists have profile education and have at least several years of experience in the field.

Software Development Outsourcing Ukraine: Is It Worth The Try?

Sure it is! In 2010 Ukraine made it to 11th place in the list of 20 leading countries in the IT Outsourcing and High Tech Services field. There is a number of reasons for that:

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  • Cheap but nevertheless professional services
  • The high amount of specialists
  • Lots of IT specialists with profile education
  • Focus on the international job market
  • Easy access due to a convenient time zone and a ‘no-visa’ pass
  • Zero language barriers – while hiring a Ukrainian programmer you can be sure that this person will be almost fluent in English
  • Lots of IT events held annually

It could be easily stated, that Ukraine, without a doubt, is one of the best destinations for outsourcing and nearshore outsourcing in particular. With so many advantages of nearshoring Ukraine, there is no wonder anymore why most European countries prefer to choose this country for such matters.

Offshore Software Development Ukraine: Final Thoughts on the Subject

For the last couple of years, Ukraine quickly turned into one of the best places in the world to outsource jobs to. These days it is particularly popular with European companies that favor nearshoring. Ukraine’s IT outsourcing industry had been showing quite a stable growth over these years and it can be stated that today it is one of the most trustful ones. More than just that, Ukraine earned its title as one of the most innovative IT countries in the world fair and square.

This way, if you want to save your money and receive quality services instead, you might want to developers in Ukraine. Let the high professionalism in-depth knowledge of Ukrainian IT specialists give your business a quick boost. Chances are high that with time it will be your favorite outsourcing destination.

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