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Best Way to Learn about Nearshoring

Cyril Samovskiy, Mobilunity CEO, tells why and how to start learning about nearshoring. Why it is so important for a client to learn more about nearshoring collaboration – this and much more you can also find out in the full version of this interview following next blog post.

What is the best way to learn about nearshoring?

Alfie: Where would you say is a good place to start learning about nearshoring? Do you have things that you post or present? Is it some platform? What would you say is the best way to learn about it? 

Cyril: I can immediately mention that probably one of the most trustworthy sources for information are peers around every business. We are certain that in Europe specifically, if you ask your peers about their experience with nearshoring, I can be giving you a like a 90% guarantee, that most likely there was somebody, who already has an experience like that. These little stories may be initially incomplete or they may be something too radical or too straight. These things, if they are being asked one by one and not otherwise get involved altogether, may be a little bit confusing, but once you get 3-4  opinions from the peers around you, I’m pretty sure that you would understand that there are things not worth doing. Then it comes to to choosing the model and the vendors, who are capable providing such models like outsourcing, outstaffing, dedicated teams, managed teams, freelancers, R&D centers then, of course, you start reading a little bit of blogs, but the most blogs are still written by the people who are whether trying the services or who are actually providing them. And then it comes to a choice of a couple of vendors, who might be on your shortlist, who you think are a fit from just the visual perspective, you explore their website, you see what they are writing about, what they’re telling and things like that. Talking to these people would ideally bring any potential client or person interested to a point whether when the person realizes that all models are not for them now, or the end point, when the potential client needs to define what’s the most important to them now. Such tips, such tricks, such methodologies are probably the same in every industry. That’s why I’d like to say it wasn’t a question, that is easy to answer. On other hand, if I would go for any service, I’d probably do the same. 

There are also people, who are in this industry, who are not prompting you to buy from them right away, they are just sharing a little bit of insight: your show probably would be one of such sources, my LinkedIn could be one of such service, my blog on some platform might be such a source,  the webinars some Polish company might be doing could be such source of information. Just a matter of how much time you might be willing to devote to getting prepared to this kind of analysis and conclusions. But I think overall that the structure of the approach would be probably like this.

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